OpenBSD installation on a Dedibox SC gen2 is a french hosting company, which provide dedicated servers (Dedibox). As of 2014, the cheapest one is named Dedibox SC gen2(VIA Nano U2250, 1 core @1.6 GHz x64, 2GB ram, 500 GB Hybrid + SSD ) at 9,99€/month.

In theory, the only OS you can install is the one provided by FreeBSD 8.1 is there, but there’s no OpenBSD or NetBSD version to play with.

Here’s a workaround (based on this one and this one):

In , go in rescue mode (ubuntu 12.04 lts amd64), check dmesg in order to identify the network card (should be Intel e1000, em0 in OpenBSD, wm0 in NetBSD) and check network setup using ifconfig and route (for the gateway)

#install qemu
apt-get update && apt-get -y install qemu
#get OpenBSD iso

#proceed to the OpenBSD installation trough qemu (add -k fr for a french keyboard…)
#-no-kvm is necessary as Via VT instrutction doesn’t work with KVM (nor HVM…)
qemu-system-x86_64 -no-kvm -hda /dev/sda -cdrom install54.iso -curses -boot d

#do the OpenBSD installation as usual except that you shouldn’t use DUIDs names in fstab

#before shutting down, create the network configuration
cd /mnt/etc
echo inet > hostname.em0
echo > mygate
#add a dns server if you don’t specify any during the setup
echo nameserver >> resolv.conf

Then trough , leave the rescue mode, wait few minutes…,and you should be able to ssh your OpenBSD box !


For NetBSD the installation could be performed the same way, with some NetBSD specificity.After the installation, you should not forget to:

enable sshd !
– Launch a shell (trough the utility menu), mount the installed system manually go to etc and create the network configuration (wm0 !!):
echo inet netmask broadcast >ifconfig.wm0
echo > mygate

– And most importantly you should (temporally) enable root login in sshd config:
echo PermitRootLogin yes >>ssh/sshd_config

PS: I tried FreeBSD 10, but I wasn’t able to get it run this way

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